Enter a creative space where the wisdom within you comes forth in amazing, expansive new ways. As an educator for over thirty years, I have a passion for creating welcoming learning spaces full of dynamic discovery. Carve out time to gather, reflect, and engage with each other and with yourself, using the gifts of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and movement to envision and realize new collaborative potential!

Whether you are looking for a professional team retreat or personal friendship gathering, contact me for an interview to outline your goals and dream your purpose into reality!

Explore individually or in small groups with enough scaffolding so your time will resound with meaning, while allowing enough spaciousness so you may hear and welcome what wants to come forth in your own life. Individual coaching sessions will be available at no extra charge.

Interested? Contact me to be the first to receive retreat updates.

Some of Nancy’s favorite topics for talks include:
• My Renaissance Year
• Creating a Space of Allowing
• Renaissance and Reinvention
• Cultivating Our Inner Senses
• Creating at the Crossroads
• The Gift of Resistance
• Comfort with Ambiguity
• Radical Acceptance
• Celebrating the Third Option
• Contrast is the Best Teacher
• The Heart of a Women Entrepreneur
• Honoring the Wisdom of Body, Mind, and Spirit