Welcome to A Space of Allowing

I’m here, writing and thinking of you because I’ve been exploring my life at 56 and I want to share it in a space where we can learn together. I call it a Space of Allowing™.

What is a Space of Allowing™?
Several years ago, I was struck with a full-body crisis of pain and fear that lasted over 15 months before I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My body - my immune system – was actually fighting itself from the inside out. A dear friend and coach gently suggested I check out restorative yoga, and, finding a women’s circle yoga series near my home, I went exploring in search of a lifeline. Along the way, I joined with women who each shared longings for their lives. As I felt their energy and words, I was struck by my own longing to be in a…you guessed it, a Space of Allowing where friction with the present moment could cease, comfort could prevail through presence, and life could be unconditionally, radically accepted exactly as it is.

That Space of Allowing™ essence has since taken root as my coaching practice, and I welcome you here to this resting place where you may be held and perhaps even healed with love and allowing.

Take a look around the place. Notice how you feel.
Imagine drawing open the barn door. Pause to stand in the warm sunbeam that streams across the floorboards. Feel free to step over the threshold and explore a little.

On the right, you’ll see some comfy leather couches for cozying up. The kettle’s on for tea. Help yourself to a blanket from the basket. Want a pen and journal? They’re over on the trunk. If you’d like, you may put things down that are heavy, like expectations, to-do lists, self-critical thoughts. Here you may rest your body, mind, heart, and spirit. You might feel your breath deepen and your shoulders relax. This is a safe place to rest.

If a Space of Allowing™ is calling to you, I’ll meet you there.


As a transformational life coach, I am beside you, listening, naming what’s present, and challenging you with love to honor what wants to be born in your life.


Explore individually or in small groups with enough scaffolding so your time will resound with meaning, while allowing enough spaciousness so you may hear and welcome what wants to come forth in your own life.


If you’re looking for a dynamic, provocative speaker for your group, consider calling for an interview to determine if our visions match.


Carve out time to gather, reflect, and engage with each other and with yourself, using the gifts of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and movement to envision and realize new collaborative potential!