A Space of Allowing Radio with Nancy Coco
Welcoming All That Wants to Be Present Today

Can you see it through the trees? Follow the light in the forest. It will take you to a clearing, a cool green place – a space of allowing – where all creatures, all energies are welcome to show themselves and be loved. Journey with me to that space and whisper to yourself, “welcome home. ”This is a Space of Allowing Radio with Coach Nancy Coco – Welcoming All that wants to be present today. It’s a unique environment where every feeling, every part of ourselves is acknowledged and welcomed. Making friends with all our thoughts and feelings – even the shadow ones we prefer to silence or hide – enables us to know our whole selves and live more authentic, non-resistant, joyful lives.

These spaces are precious, judgement-free. Some are spontaneous and transient, and others endure because we value our own wellness and that of our world. Join us for some deep allowing to explore what lives at our edges and to bring more of ourselves home.