Welcome to mid-winter at Space of Allowing

In February, I’ll be hosting a range of free 60-minute virtual sample sessions from my coaching portfolio. Come, warm yourself with some gentle journaling, attend a workshop to clarify how you’re feeling in this season, and/or schedule a complimentary coaching discovery session to experience the power of coaching one-to-one.

Details below…

An attunement is a gentle guided meditation designed to help us tune in more deeply to the present moment and what’s going on inside/outside of ourselves. I often begin a coaching session with a brief (5 minute) attunement which helps clients and me center ourselves in a shared space of allowing.

Email Nancy@SpaceofAllowing.com if you’d like a free recorded attunement to your email inbox once each week in February.

Grab your journal and comfortable pen and join us just as you are. Accompany yourself with curiosity through the gift of gentle, brief writing invitations. Wander a while, see what’s there in the present moment. Pick a special writing spot – your very own Space of Allowing – and write for yourself. No pressure to share, only to be there in the moment. In community, in discovery, in peace.

Free Gentle Journal Invitations* on Tuesday, Feb. 8 and Wednesday, Feb. 23 at 7 pm ET

Email Nancy@SpaceofAllowing.com to register.

Sometimes it’s hard – almost impossible – to put words to how we’re feeling. Overwhelm may actually be a combination of exhaustion, despair, anger, longing, and so much more. Coming into awareness of our feelings opens a portal to our needs in the moment and allows us to align with our present truth. Come to a free session where you may meet yourself in a space of allowing and befriend all feelings that show up, too.

Free Befriending Feelings Workshop* on Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 7:00 pm ET

Email Nancy@SpaceofAllowing.com to save your spot.

Coaching offers you an ally for being with yourself at life’s crossroads. Family struggles? Work transitions? Stuck moments? All are spaces where having a dedicated, thoughtful companion can help you cultivate awareness, alignment, and action that feels just right for you. Schedule a complimentary coaching discovery session in February to feel the power of awareness in your own life.

Email Nancy@SpaceofAllowing.com with three preferable dates/ times for scheduling your discovery session this month.

*Participate in any free February session and receive 10% off a future service until July 2022.