Renaissance – not retirement!

When I chose to “retire” at the age of 51, it was a shock to lots of people in my life…including myself! Who would I be without my 30-year identity as a public school teacher and higher ed administrator? It felt like I was headed for the great unknown, but my physical health was sending clear signs: something had to give – and it was nearly my own wellness and sanity!

Taking a new job just wouldn’t cut it. I needed a major transformation in my own life. Choosing Leadership that Works Coaching for Transformation program not only provided much-needed stability in my transition but also brought me back to myself: heart, mind, body, and soul.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “gee, I’d love to retire.” Or, “I know that feeling of becoming disconnected with your life.” The more I coach and share my story, the more I realize it’s a universal journey that we’re on of discovery, growth, and renaissance.

As an educator for 30 years, I love meeting new people, exploring new viewpoints. Every coaching conversation is a chance to learn deeply about the human experience, the feelings we share, and the uniqueness of each life story. What’s more: I take each conversation as an adventure, open to whatever wants to come forth. There is no “right” or “wrong” way it can go.

Oh, it takes courage, I’m not going to kid you. The thought of shining light on those shadowy corners inside ourselves (even with the support of a coach) may still feel daunting. We have to be ready to awaken to the reality of this moment as it is. You may feel – as I did – that the current moment is less and less satisfying and each morning comes with a vague feeling of sadness at the edges. I say to you as I said to myself: THAT’S OK. THAT’S THE TRUTH. Accept this moment as your wake-up call and allow your new life to begin at this exact instant. I’m alive and living through this moment to a better one, and coaching helped me to access my strengths and resourcefulness in order to shift my reality to a higher good. That’s what coaching can do for you, too.

As you sample my pages, you’ll notice that the act of writing and the concept of allowing play prominent roles in my work. As a National Writing Project fellow, I have over 25 years of experience with writing as a creative process of self-discovery. When I trust what wants to come forth, writing feels mysterious and magical to me. It takes my breath away with its miraculous ability to connect the dots of my life and elevate its meaning and purpose.

When we allow every moment to be as it is without judgement, we come to presence and release the tension of regret, anxiety, guilt, and other energies that rob us of peace. Allow yourself to welcome whatever comes forth: gratitude or grief, forgiveness or fear, acceptance or anger. It is all welcome to be seen, honored, and given its place in the story of our lives.

Ask yourself…
• What is stirring in my personal life that wants attention?
• What are my unmet dreams in my professional role?
• What about the writer within me? What support do I need for my process?

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