Wrap yourself in care and community and join The Mosaic Heart Women’s Collective in 2021.

What is The Mosaic Heart Women’s Collective?
Created in the spirit of Nancy’s Space of Allowing workshops and retreats, A Mosaic Heart is a series of curated programs and support offered by a team of professional women coaches, each with her own areas of expertise to share. Led by Nancy, each month’s programming will feature a theme for exploration among the collective as we reclaim all the precious pieces of our existence and reassemble our life story into a stronger, resilient, true mosaic heart.

As a mosaic maker creates beauty from broken pieces, so may we gather the shards and fragments of our lives and place them lovingly in a unique creation for a new year of our own design. Join Nancy as she offers her life as a classroom for inner learning and reveals the pieces of her own mosaic heart, as well as the lessons and healing she has experienced.

This program is for you if…

  • You are a woman feeling fractured, overwhelmed,
    or defeated by the deep dismantling energy of 2020.
  • You feel alone in your grief, overwhelm, sadness, or fear.
  • You long for peace and time with yourself and other women on the journey.
  • You are courageous and creative…or long to be!
  • You are willing to allow yourself openness, spaciousness, and emptiness.
  • You find the idea of radical rest and allowing to be compelling.
  • You are curious to unpack the lessons of 2020 and all they can illuminate in 2021.
  • You are ready for magic and joy to be your companions – even through challenges!

How is The Mosaic Heart Women’s Collective Different?
The difference between The Mosaic Heart and other programs is first, the power of women in a collective. Guided by Nancy, and joined by a team of entrepreneurial women coaches, we will be collectively creating, bringing ourselves and others into deeper awareness and alignment with our life truths. Each a teacher, each a student, we gather with our whole and broken hearts and journey together for greater wellbeing and healing.

Next, it is the inquiry nature of the monthly design. Trusting the process of unfolding, we will allow ourselves radical rest to explore questions with a beginner’s mind, not hurrying to arrive but rather opening to unexpected possibilities on the journey. Created with monthly themes, Nancy will guide the inquiry to provide spaciousness and responsiveness as the collective forms, as women unfold themselves, and the process reveals itself. (I’ll retool this sentence…)

Finally, it is the profound nature of the mosaic brought to life each month with discussion, art, and craft which will support our individual and collective discovery of our deep truths and knit our collective together with exquisite uniqueness.